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Specializing in running, strength building, and recovery, Emily brings award winning expertise all with a keen emphasis on recovery, to Austin TX.

Together, we'll craft a tailored fitness plan that suits your goals and ensures you're taking the right steps towards a healthier, stronger you. Let's push boundaries, break barriers, and achieve those fitness dreams, all while prioritizing recovery for lasting results.

Sponsorship inquiries or questions about my training offerings? Connect at hello@atalantasathletics.com

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Perfect for beginners, those returning to running, or seasoned athletes looking to improve their running form and achieve their goal of crossing that 5K finish line stronger than ever before.


Looking to up your endurance or take your running a step further after a 5k? This 10k program is beginner friendly and tailored to all skill and comfort levels.


Ready to push your running boundaries beyond the 5k or 10k? Embark on a transformative journey with our half marathon training program. Elevate your endurance and embrace the challenge – we’ll focus on conquering a half marathon with confidence.

Additional Program benefits

Exclusively for joining one of my coaching programs you immediately gain access to several valuable benefits in addition to the benefits of the program you signed up for!

  • Access to a private casual weekly group run with refreshments and hydration
  • Access to a private online community forum of running enthusiasts and professionals
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Emily running

Originally from Huntsville, TX, Emily has been running a mix of cross country, track, trail and road races for 18 years.

Emily has set record times in the 5k, 6k, and 10k races and won several awards for sportsmanship and distinguished performances at Concordia University Texas that stand to this day. Post-college, she continues to compete, she overcame overuse injuries, and gained expertise in recovery and sustainable fitness through purposeful exercise, movement, and competition.

Emily's running journey has evolved into a dynamic mix of 5k’s, challenging trail races, and the enduring rhythm of marathons. She’s conquered races in a variety of challenging environments, from the mountains of Colorado to the heat of Texas. When not competing herself, Emily channels her running and athletic experience to coach others, transforming their aspirations into tangible success.

In addition to her 1-on-1 coaching, Emily has lead and coached middle-thru-high school track events, adult training programs, and served as an Assistant Coach at Concordia University. Her coaching philosophy goes beyond the finish line, emphasizing the importance of balance, recovery, and enduring strength.

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2025 Boston Qualifying time of 3:14

2018-2019 ASC Scholar-Athlete medal of honor

Three-time First Team All-ASC (2015, 2016, 2017)

2017 and 2016 South/Southeast All-Region team

ASC XC Sportsmanship Athlete of the Year

2017 and 2016 ASC Distinguished Scholar-Athlete Team

2017 and 2016 Academic All-ASC

Four-time ASC Cross Country Runner of the Week

2015 ASC Freshman of the Year

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Bringing the community together - Whether you’re in a training program or not, these events are open to all with the intent of building a community that can get stronger together.

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“I’ve been working with Emily for a specialized marathon training program. I’m especially thankful for her variation in workouts. Training on my own, I had just been doing long run after long run, leading to burnout. But she’s been able to provide me with workouts that improve my endurance without fatigue and crashing. The best part is having a support system to motivate me through the long runs.”

// Mandie V

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“Before 5k training, I was never sure of my form and I always died out halfway through runs. The confidence-building workouts were a game-changer, helping me overcome mental barriers and push through challenging moments. Coach Emily provided constructive feedback and drills to improve my running technique.”

// Gary M

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“I recently completed Coach Emily's 10k training program, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Her emphasis on form, confidence, pacing, recovery, and endurance truly sets this program apart. I can't recommend this program enough for anyone looking to not only complete a 10k, but feel good doing it!”

// Michelle L

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“I’ve been running for 3 years and have done 5k’s and 10k’s, but actually getting coached for my first half marathon was a great choice. All my questions from shoe choice to why my stomach hurt on long runs were answered and I came out a better athlete overall.”

// John S

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